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Living Aspen Life

Remember your childhood days when you had a friend on every corner, you could spend hours at the nearby park, and the only rule was that you had to remain within shouting distance so your mother could call you in for dinner?

You may be all grown up now, and your needs are different from when you were a child, but you still long for a place to call home. That place is Aspen Ranch, a new neighbourhood in Sundre that has all the best features you remember. Parks to play in, friends to meet, places to ride your bike, and, yes, even spaces to get dirty trying to catch frogs.   

Now you want enduring style, value, amenities, and recreational opportunities in your neighbourhood, and Aspen Ranch has been carefully designed to incorporate those important adult considerations. The child in you, though, will still want to know where the best place is to catch frogs.


Satisfy yourself  - the adult and the inner child - in Aspen Ranch.